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Building up and running my own business working as a free-lance nail therapist over the years, I had to face many challenges how to put an extra word out. Of course word of mouth, recommendations from my clients worked its wonders as usual, but the odd occasions when needed a little extra help proved to be a costly business. Advertising in local magazines, building my own website as my business has grown, running advertisements on various search engines all added up and before I knew was paying out hundreds of pounds just to have a word out there.

Along with this, many of my clients wished to have a website available on the internet that was dedicated for nails only and could find therapists nearby, look at their profiles and see their work and contact them for advice. This gave me the idea to team up with some enthusiastic professionals and create The NailFiles which is not only a search engine for dedicated clients but also gathering the nail industry and gives an opportunity for nail therapists or nail technicians to upload photos of their work list upcoming events for both the public and other professionals, or share videos, professional articles, or upload step-by-steps for many others to see. Of course many companies and websites do the same but we try to do this including not just the nail therapists but their clients as well by giving them the opportunity to look at therapists’ profiles, photos of their work, get in touch with them to discuss issues about their nails or nail products and complement them by ratings and feedback.

The team of The NailFiles found it important to create a platform not only for nail technicians, nail therapists, working in salon or free-lance or as mobile nail technicians, nail salons or nail bars but for beauty salons or beauty spas, hairdressers or hair salons, tanning salons or solariums, fitness clubs or spas, health spas, health or holistic therapists, fashion advisors and fashion related companies treatments as well as wholesalers, collages, nail courses, related companies as long as they provide nail services or nail products and have an interest in nails. This site is here for everyone who is involved in and enthusiastic about nails to share the latest in the fast growing and developing nail industry, everything the business has to offer today.

So if you are a nail therapist working from home as free-lance, mobile nail technician or mobile beautician or mobile hairdresser also doing and having an interest in nails, or have a nail salon or nail bar, beauty salon, hair salon, tanning salon or solarium with nail bars, running a health and fitness club or spa homing nails also, or have a fashion related business involving nails and nail colours then The NailFiles is a fantastic opportunity to put an extra word out without the hefty price tag. This comes as a top priority along with providing easy access to listings and professionals’ details through looking at their work and their clients feedback to help make that decision. Our website is fully optimised for search engines and made sure it always comes first on the list when searching for the best place for treatments. This gives a fantastic opportunity if you are an owner of a beginner nails and beauty or hair business small or bigger, or if you already have yours up and running and already own a website for your business than The NailFiles is great to increase your website’s online ranking on larger search engines.

Listing with The NailFiles

The NailFiles was created to gather and support the individual nail technicians either be mobile or free-lance or self-employed working in a salon for themselves, because without the individuals there is no nail industry, and we provide FREE listing facilities for them. However, we welcome everyone within the health and beauty industry as long they share an interest in nails and provide nail services to their clients or the other professionals. Therefore, we offer many packages that is best suitable for your needs, along with advertising facilities on our banners that can be seen by everyone who visits our site and providing you with opportunities to grow your business further.  Please visit the Advertise page to find out more on out packages and pricing.

Many thanks The NailFiles Team